Some days we feel like we are drowning. Waves of stress and work hit us and keep coming at us. We can’t breathe. We can’t get above our workload. We lose sight of the shore. How do we get our feet back on the ground? We have a plan for the day but most likely that plan will not go exactly how it was entailed. We get interrupted, distracted, or something urgent comes up and the day changes course.

So what do we do when our boat gets rocked? Go into the day expecting change. Expecting it to not go exactly as planned. There are going to be days where you feel you accomplished a lot and others where you feel like you have been turning your wheels all day with nothing to show. That’s life. Take advantage of those days where you can be productive and get done what you need to get done. When planning your week, leave openings in your schedule for “unplanned events to occur” or extra time open to complete a task that might need more time than planned. It’s beneficial to have time management skills, but there will always be some kind of interruption. You are only one person and can only do so much in one day. There’s always tomorrow. A new fresh day to get back on top of a workload. Might take longer. Just take one day at a time. The sun will set and rise bringing in a another day of opportunity. Just focus on the precedent matters. Your boat will rock. It’s how you handle it that will make you sink or float.

Finding Your Passion

Finding what you are passionate about in life isn’t always easy. What you are passionate about should excite you and give you a reason to get up in the morning and give you the motivation to make the most of each day. The hardest part can be finding what excites you the most. Figuring out that niche. You may get excited about a lot of things or maybe nothing at all. Here are some tips on how to tap into your inner soul and find that passion that does exist.

  1. Pay attention to your feelings and what gets you excited. In order to find out what you are passionate about you must discover what you love. Let your emotions come alive. How can you ever know what you love if you shut off or ignore feelings of joy, excitement, and happiness.
  2. Appreciate your uniqueness. What sets you apart and makes you…YOU? Take time to get to know yourself. Spend some time alone or go on a retreat to clear your mind of stress or negative energy. Create some goals. Make a list of what excites you. What drives you to accomplish the goals you have made? Hopefully pride and happiness play a role in why you want to do something.
  3. Keep a journal. Write all your thoughts and experiences down. Do you see any patterns on what excites you or motivates you. When are you the most happy?
  4. Don’t live on autopilot. It is so easy to go through each day being alive and just going through the same motions over and over. Are you truly living and experiencing the most out of each day? Try not to get caught up in just what needs to be done, but also make the time for yourself to do what you like. Don’t be afraid of change. It’s the only constant in life.

The Lull-Life

Living the Lull Life is the state of living a lifestyle of peace and calmness. Do what makes you happy. The Lull Life encourages a healthy lifestyle and one that is filled with happiness and joy. Lull Life dabbles into topics such as health and wellness, travel, healthy recipes, and day-to-day tips to live a stress free life.

Create Yourself

This is your life. What makes you happy? Today focus on one goal that you want to accomplish to living a happier lifestyle. It might be getting organized, trying a new recipe, having time to yourself to meditate or journal. Today is a new day live it to the fullest. Try that new workout or class that you have been wanting to try! You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.