Finding Your Passion

Finding what you are passionate about in life isn’t always easy. What you are passionate about should excite you and give you a reason to get up in the morning and give you the motivation to make the most of each day. The hardest part can be finding what excites you the most. Figuring out that niche. You may get excited about a lot of things or maybe nothing at all. Here are some tips on how to tap into your inner soul and find that passion that does exist.

  1. Pay attention to your feelings and what gets you excited. In order to find out what you are passionate about you must discover what you love. Let your emotions come alive. How can you ever know what you love if you shut off or ignore feelings of joy, excitement, and happiness.
  2. Appreciate your uniqueness. What sets you apart and makes you…YOU? Take time to get to know yourself. Spend some time alone or go on a retreat to clear your mind of stress or negative energy. Create some goals. Make a list of what excites you. What drives you to accomplish the goals you have made? Hopefully pride and happiness play a role in why you want to do something.
  3. Keep a journal. Write all your thoughts and experiences down. Do you see any patterns on what excites you or motivates you. When are you the most happy?
  4. Don’t live on autopilot. It is so easy to go through each day being alive and just going through the same motions over and over. Are you truly living and experiencing the most out of each day? Try not to get caught up in just what needs to be done, but also make the time for yourself to do what you like. Don’t be afraid of change. It’s the only constant in life.

Embracing Life’s Journey

We should embrace Life’s Journey. What if our outlook was the following? If this was my last day on earth how would I live it? We really don’t know how much time we have left alive. We should not be alarmed by this but embrace every moment we do have. We get so caught up in where we want to go or who we want to be in life that we do not appreciate where we are in that given moment. It’s difficult for me to let go of worries of what is expected in the future and sometimes I get caught up in the past. When now is what I should be focusing on. I have to be present in the moment. It’s important to have goals don’t get me wrong. Just enjoy the process and journey of accomplishing those goals instead of just focusing on the end result.

There are going to be good days where you feel like you have been productive and other days where you may be spinning your wheels but not moving forward. No matter what you are growing and developing into the person you are supposed to be. We are creating ourselves every day. It’s not about finding oneself. It’s about embracing each moment because that moment is becoming a part of us. It’s a tiny little puzzle piece that makes up who we are. We are influenced by the people, surroundings, beliefs, and many other factors that go into shaping who we are, but it does not happen overnight. It’s the journey of experiencing highs and lows the bumpy roads. Failing and getting back up. Learning from the failure. We want to achieve and meet expectations and when we don’t meet them we lose motivation. It’s when we try and try again without giving up is when we succeed. The journey of life isn’t easy. We need the fire within us to motivate us and not lose sight of the road ahead. Here are the three main points to remember to embrace the journey.

  1. Be Present – Do not get anxious about the future or be stuck in the past. Be in the moment.
  2. Creating Ourselves- each day we are growing and creating the person we are meant to be. It’s the journey.
  3. The journey is not always going to be a straight flat path. There are going to be curves. Highs and lows that we experience. It’s the tough times in life that make us stronger. No matter what we get through and life goes on.