Finding Your Purpose

For many of us, we go through the same motions day after day. We go to work come home. Eat dinner. Get ready for the next day and repeat. Some of us have reached the light at the end of the tunnel, where we have joy in what we do for a living. Others have taken chances to follow their dreams off the beaten path with no guarantee of fulfillment. Some have a plan in place and take each step up the ladder with courage that they will reach their goals and hopefully achieve what they set out to do. Can we find or reach our purpose? Can we look out to the future and see a vision of what we see ourselves doing? There are twists and turns in life. What happens if the vision changes? Do we take the detour? There are so many “ifs”in our head. If this happens or if this does not work out. If, If, If…

It shouldn’t be so complicated. We make it complicated. We just need to follow our heart. Work towards our goals and if we go off path…we go off path. There’s no set outlined path that we need to take. It’s our life. Your life. You are in control. I don’t think there can be a such thing as a wrong way path when it comes to career or self-fulfillment that is good for you. If you want to do something, go for it. What’s the worst that can happen? You might fail? Try again. Or learn and move on. Just don’t take life so seriously. Life is what you make of it. How you experience and live it. Make the most of it and be positive. You are where you are for a reason. You grow every day and that itself is purpose.

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