How to Reduce Stress

Stress can easily cling to us and then linger for what feels like eternity. Stress and obstacles try to take over our happiness on a daily basis if we let it. It’s all in our mindset. Here are a few suggestions on how to have a clearer outlook that can prevent stress from taking a toll on us. We have to make the most of each day. We will never have that same day repeated again. It is up to us on how we want to spend it physically and mentally. It’s important to look at every situation in a positive manner. It sounds easy but can be a challenge when life throws you a curve ball which constantly happens. So how do we prepare ourselves to tackle stress before it attacks us? When faced with a stressful situation here are some positive thoughts to remind yourself it will be okay.

  1. I have survived all the difficult moments thus far. You have overcame and become stronger through struggles in the past. If you can get past them, you can get past this one too.
  2. Know that all situations are temporary. Nothing lasts forever. You might have had a bad day at work, gotten in an argument with a family member, didn’t accomplish all that you wanted to in that day, gotten a flat tire. No matter what obstacle you came across, just know that it won’t last forever. Tomorrow is a new day.
  3. Most importantly, Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much. You know how much you can handle. Don’t overload your plate. Don’t take more than you can handle. Focus. Focus on one idea. One Task. Find joy in that task or idea. Be still and know that this one moment is yours. Yours to make the most of it.

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